Monday, September 26, 2011

My Dukan Diet... Beginning Week Four

This morning was my weekly weigh in.  Uggg, I was not looking forward to this!  The last couple of weeks were pretty stressful for me due to work issues, but I held steady during the week and ate very well according to the Dukan Diet rules.  Then came the weekend!

Friday night was a hot dog WITH THE BUN, Saturday was busy and I surrendered to concession food since I was working almost all day at Megan's schools annual  soccer tournament.  That meant walking tacos!  Yum, taco chips, salty taco meat, salsa, black olives, and lettuce. Hey, it was my veggie day after all!  I also made 227 cups of edible cookie dough to sell, and yes I did have a couple of cups.  People, I am a firm believer in taste testing!  Every good cook taste tests.

Don't even bring up the walking part.  I missed my walk on Thursday and Friday.  Saturday I did get up early and took our newly adopted doggie for a walk.  Yesterday it was raining so I resorted to the old reliable treadmill downstairs while I watched DVR'd episodes of House Hunters International (my favorite show).

Sunday I regained my composure and went back to the diet.  the usual eggs, cottage cheese, lean pork cutlets, fake crab, and yogurt.  It totally amazes me how this diet is number one in France!  How do they do it?  I don't know if I could do it if I lived there with all the temptation at every corner! I can't even watch TV!  I have it on right now and our local news station is doing a segment on making oatmeal raisin cookies!!  Oh Lord give me strength!

I know my age has not helped me in this battle.  That is why I have to work doubly hard at this.  Was I discouraged when I weighed myself this morning and had not lost this week?  Heck no, it has made me want to work harder.  I didn't see it as a defeat.  Being the optimist I am, I just say thank goodness I didn't gain!  Press on dieters, press on!!

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