Friday, October 9, 2015

The Older You Get-The Faster Time Goes

It's true!! The older you get, the faster time goes!

It's homecoming week in our town and it's a big deal in our house. Our daughter is a Senior this year, she has been leaving the house every morning dressed up for the theme of the day. Today she's dressed all in purple and black.

This fills me with lots of mixed emotions. It brings back memories since I went to the same High School. More overwhelming though is the feeling of where did the time go?  I am sure all parents of older children can relate to that feeling.  I think about those "terrible twos" days when at times you question your decision to have children (I know, but think about it, there have been maybe seconds when you thought this) and you know without a doubt that it was 1000% worth it and where did the time go? 

I can remember when people would tell me that the time will go so fast and before you know it, they will be graduating. I didn't believe it. Well I can say it's totally true! In other words-embrace those tantrums since they will be over before you know it! Before you know it college applications will be filled out and you will be facing the reality of them spreading their wings and flying off on their own. 

Yes time does go faster the older you get and the feeling is bittersweet. Seeing your children grow up and become independent is a feeling of great pride!   I have always said that every stage of parenting was my favorite, be it the baby stage, primary school, or high school stage. Now facing the cusp of adulthood stage has to be my favorite! 

Embrace every stage of you children's life since it will fly by at the blink of an eye!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Fine Fall Sunday For Reading And Reflecting

Sunday's in my house are usually pretty laid back.  Today is no different and since the cool fall temps are upon us, it is an even better reason to curl up on the couch. Two things are consistent on a fall Sunday, one-if the Packers are playing, they will be on in our house and two-you can pretty much find me with a book in my hand.  If I'm watching the game I am usually multitasking and reading at the same time.

My book of choice for this Sunday is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I preordered this book on Amazon and was happy to have it show up on my doorstep the day it was released. I'm almost finished with it and I have to say I am in love with this book!!!! Anybody who struggles with wanting to live a more creative life definitely should read this book.  As someone who loves to write I struggle with not being good enough and I think why would anyone ever want to ready anything I wrote anyway?  After reading this book, I don't really care!  As long as I am doing something I enjoy, I don't really care if anyone reads it.  I am just writing for myself and if anyone else reads and enjoys what I wrote, well that's a good thing.  It may inspire me to write and actually publish more blog posts, but  I won't stop if no one ever reads anything I write.  I know I will most likely never make a living at writing, so who cares.  Bottom line is, if you have a fear of creating something whether it is a blog post, a painting, a symphony, or a wreath to hang on your front door for whatever reason, you can overcome those fears and just do it.

This book is my new favorite thing.  I will no longer let the fear of what other people think deter me from doing what I love to do.

Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for giving me permission to create, even if it is just for me