Friday, March 18, 2016

Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation-Product Review

I normally don't do product reviews.  There's lots of other bloggers and web sites that take care of that, but if something really blows me away, of course I just have to put my two cents worth in and sing the products praise.

Such is the case of Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation.  This was my first Bobbi Brown purchase.  I've always been reluctant to spend money for premium makeup, but the older I get the more I go for quality.  Its hard to know when you purchase makeup how it's gonna look when you are standing in the aisle at Walgreen's.  It can get darn overwhelming.  Normally I don't go to an actual makeup counter and get help with products.  So on this particular day when I was with my friend Beverly we ventured into Sephora, the wonderland of all things beauty, and tried out a few products.

Being that I have rosacea I always have a hard time finding something that has great coverage.  I wear foundation everyday so I have tried many brands and still was not satisfied.  So that day at Sephora as my friend was finished sitting in the chair trying our several Bobbi products, I thought it was time to give Bobbi Brown a try.  I explained my dilemma to the consultant and she promptly grabbed that stick foundation.  Lets just say in the end I was a converted Bobbi customer.

I'll tell you my reasons for my new found devotion to this foundation.  First this stick glides on and blends to perfection.  I purchased the foundation brush, but I'm sure you can use another brush or just your fingers for the same result.  You have total control over how much or how little you want to use. It even does an excellent job of covering my redness.  If I need more coverage due to flare-ups, I just swipe more on and blend.  The number one thing that has sold me is even though this stick cost $46, it will last probably at least 3 times longer than my previous liquid foundation.  It ends up saving me money!!!  Sometimes spending a little more makes total sense.  So in the end on that day, I came home with a few great products and money well spent!  On a side note, the particular Sephora that I was in was out of my color of Stick Foundation and the Bobbi Brown consultant sent me home with a vary generous amount in a small container!  Great customer service!!