Sunday, April 22, 2012

Need Some Diet And Exersice Motivation? Try Slimkicker

Most of us that are trying to get fit and maybe lose a few pounds are always lookin for a little help to reach their goals. I know I certainly am. That is why when Christine contacted me a couple of weeks ago and informed me that the new Slimkicker app that she and her team developed was available in the ITunes store as a free IPhone app I was more than a little eager to try it out.

Slimkicker is a motivational diet and fitness app. It is a point based level-up game where you can earn your points by recording food and exercise. The unique thing about Slimkicker is you can earn most of your points through 7-30 day challenges. Challenges are divided into categories such as nutrition, fitness, emotional, willpower, giveaway, and user created. Points are based on hardness of the challenge. Just check in everyday and at the end of the challenge confirm you finished (be honest here!) and you will earn your points. The challenges are fun to do and as you go up in levels, you unlock more challenges. The first challenges I did were no soda for 7 days, saying a daily gratitude prayer, and 15 minutes of silence each day. These are just example of some challenges, there are many more. It does not take long to earn enough points to go up in levels.
Recording your daily food intake and exercise is easy and similar to other apps. It keeps track of calorie intake and also carbs, protein, fiber, ect.
Slimkicker is more that an app. It's corresponding website is loaded with information. It has all the things the app does and much more. Join a group or set up your own, find recipes, and look for support, it's all there. So even if you don't have and IPhone, IPod, or IPad you can join in the fun. The Slimkicker team is presently working on an Android app too.

So if you are looking for a fun way to motivate yourself to lose some pounds and get fit the Slimkicker free app could be a great tool. I myself can use all the help I can get! Give it a try and let me know!

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