Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dukan Diet Adventure Part 3

Day four of the Dukan Diet and I woke up this morning with an overwhelming craving for toast with lots of butter! Not a great start to the day. So I got up and made 2 scrambled eggs and the oat bran galette pancake. This satisfied my hunger, but not my craving for toast!

I have been doing the diet faithfully by the book for 3 full days and working on my 4th. I honestly have to say yesterday was hard. After a gain of 4 pounds after the first day, yesterday when I got on the scale I had lost that 4 pounds. So I was back to square one. The hardest part about yesterday was going to the county fair and avoiding all those really bad for you foods like pizza, teeny weeny donuts, pretzel wrapped brats and lots of other unmentionables! The real question was what COULD I eat. About 5:00 my stomach was really rumbling. The only thing I saw that was safe was a shaved turkey breast sandwich without the bun and cheese. That was what I went with. I ordered it and asked for a fork. It was good and had a smokey flavor, but I was pretty hungry so I think anything would have done. In the book Dr. Dukan clearly says to make sure you have all your allowed foods well stock and readily available during the first phase. I know why. When the hunger strikes it needs to be dealt with right away so you do not give in to say extreme toast cravings!

I did make it through day three even with hubby and daughter happily eating giant clouds of cotton candy in front of me last night. I just sat and guzzled water so I could get my required quantity for the day.

Now that I am into day 4 I now have officially lost 1 pound as of this morning. I originally was going to stay on phase one for four days, but with my meager wait loss at one pound, I will press on for one more day.

I can say this diet is not for the faint of heart. It is not easy. Then again is any weight loss? I am still determined to make a drastic change and didn't realize how much less I could eat to get by. That is my ultimate goal. Relearn how to eat properly by eating to live not living to eat. I want to enjoy food, but not rely on it to make me happy!

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