Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Travel Snapshot-Peace and Tranquility

Why a road sign?  This picture may not mean much to anyone else, but to me I look at it and am transported. Taken back to two weeks ago when I was relaxing with a book in my hand at my campsite on Big Arbor Vitae Lake. I passed this sign everyday when I went for my 2 mile stroll.

For one week every July since my daughter Megan was about 3 years old, we have joined my parents on their yearly trip to first northern Michigan then northern Wisconsin. This has been a yearly ritual for me since I was about a month old.  

The first years Megan and I joined my parents were filled with days at the beach, day trips all over northern Michigan, and a trip to Mackanaw Island
. These last couple of years, now that Megan is a teenager,  are more relaxing since she likes to just stretch out on the zero gravity lounger like Mom and read. About the only time she leaves is to go fishing with Grandpa after supper till after dark, then their traditional dish of post fishing ice cream after. 

So this picture takes me back to peace and quiet. I think everyone has that picture they look back on and are taken back to a peaceful time of their life. It can be a travel snapshot or maybe even a picture of a flower grown in the backyard. 

What's yours?

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