Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicago, Fireworks, and U2

I patiently waited 2 years for U2 to come back to Chicago. Like every other fan I held by breath last year as word was received that Bono had took a nasty tumble that required back surgery and the cancellation of all their north American tour dates last year. When it was announced that they would reschedule those dates I was so happy!

This time around I had planned on taking my 13 year old daughter along for her first U2 concert experience. Last time they were in Chicago, we had general admission tickets, which meant we waited in line outside on a hot September day from 7am till the time they let us in the stadium to take our places before the opening band Snow Patrol started. It was brutal and I knew she would not be able to do that in the July heat this time around. So we opted for seats.

Chicago is probably my favorite city behind Paris, so I am always happy for the chance to get there. I love driving to Kenosha Wisconsin and getting on the Metra train that takes us right in the west loop part of the city. I feel like such an urban girl!! It was a big bonus to travel there on July 4th cause fireworks in Chicago... Can't beat that, even though to save money the city ditched their usual Grant Park display in favor of the regular show that Navy Pier puts on twice a week in summer.

We made it to our hotel Best Western Grant Park before noon to drop our bags off. We choose this hotel cause it was the closest to Soldier Field where the concert was to be held. From my experience in ' 09 trying to get back to the hotel after the concert was just craziness with 65,000 people leaving at the same time. This time we were gonna be close enough to walk!

First thing we did after lunch at one of the many Corner Bakeries in the city we took a Hop on hop off Gray Line bus tour. It was hot, but as long as we were moving it was okay. I had been to Chicago several times before, but my friend was a newbie to the city so we did the tour. Turns out I really enjoyed it. It went to areas I don't normally get to. We hopped off Near Hershey's to get our chocolate fix! If that wasn't enough we had to go to Ghiradelli's for an ice cream sundae too! No dinner for us! By this time it was early evening and we wanted to get back to the hotel.

We had the greatest view of Navy Pier from our hotel window. Would we be able to see the fireworks without leaving the hotel? We were all pretty tired and just wanted to stay in. We were relaxing when we heard them! What a great view we had of those fireworks! Perfect way to end our July 4th. The show didn't last long, but that was okay. We had a long day coming.

Part 2 coming soon.....

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