Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Superbowl Sunday!  Living 40 miles away from the home of our beloved Green Bay Packers, I will be rooting for the home team.
Whats the fashion perspective on this Superbowl blog post you ask?  Well as I sit here writing this post, I am sporting my Clay Matthews jersey and maybe I will adorn my neck with a few green and gold beads and my cheesewedge necklace.  I cannot forget my G earrings.  Thats about the extent of the fashion perspective for today.
I guess what today is about other than all the pomp and circumstance of the actual game is the coming together of a bunch of crazy like-minded fans having fun, sharing some pizza,, a few beers and other assorted junk foods.
My hubby,daughter and I are not going to a Superbowl party , nor are we hosting one.  Yes, we are having a pary for three complete with pizza and junk food.  Yes it will be a somewhat lonely Superbowl for us, or will it be?
The last time the Packers were in the big game there was no Facebook or Twitter, so it would have been just a party for three.  Not so this year.  We will be connected with all our Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
When the Pack played the Bears in the NFC championship game it was awesome to stay connected with all our friends during the game and in the post game celebration.  There was lots of cheering and Facebook high fives all around.
True last Packer Superbowl  we spent it in Green Bay  the next best place to be after actually being at the game.  We were physically with lots of those crazy fans,  This Superbowl Sunday we will just be having a party for three, but will be enjoying the day with lots of our Facebook friends!  This is the best thing about social networking.
So I say a huge shout out to Facebook and Twitter and any other social network sites out there which will make our Superbowl day a little more social!!
Enjoy the game.  Go Pack Go!!

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