Sunday, May 8, 2011

Packing for Paris

Packing for my trip to Paris was no small feat. I actually started this two weeks

before I was set to leave. Well, I should say wardrobe planning began months before when I set out to look for the perfect pair of shoes to take along.

The shoe thing was my biggest packing challenge. My plan was to take along one pair of comfy shoes. Yah this did not work! I started in December to look for the perfect pair. After all I wanted them totally broken in before the trip in April. After all was said and done, I had purchased 3 new pair of shoes and only one passed the comfort test. This was a pair of black Pumas. So in the end, I ended up bringing 2 other pair besides the ones I wore on the flight. I ended up packing the Pumas and a pair of Clarks sandals which I had for a couple of years and withstood the streets of Chicago. I had kept my eye on the weather the week before and the forecast was sunny and the high 60s! Sandals would be fine. I wore a pair of ballet flats that I had just purchased from Payless for the flight. These were not the most supportive shoes, but they were comfy!

My shoe dilemma solved, I now had to focus on everything else. Since I knew the weather was suppose to be perfect for early April, I just needed to bring my black trench which was also great for rain. No rain in the forecast, but you never know.

Tops consisted of two lightweight cardigan sweaters, one black, and one off white, 3 tanks, 3 tees, 2 white and 1 pink, a zippered hoodie in black, and one classic white button down shirt. These were all simple pieces but would mix and match together.

Bottoms were easy. One pair of back pants in a simple cut with a little stretch for comfort, a pair of dark wash jeans boot cut, a pair of gray cargo capris, and a black a line shirt in a no wrinkle just roll up in a ball fabric.

I brought along one little black dress that I ended up not wearing in the end. The black skirt was worn on my free day when I went shopping to La Bon Marche and it also worked for a night out.

I found packing to be fun, I tried everything on and made a list of outfits a week before I left. I knew that Parisian style for the most part is simple and classic with great accessories mixed in to add pizzazz. I took along a couple of my own scarves since I already loved wearing them and had several, but I couldn't wait to buy some more when I got to Paris. I also packed along some fun earrings and bracelets.

I must say that I think I ended up fitting right in. I even had a beautiful young lady stop me and ask for directions to a certain street, so I must have looked like I fit in!

So if your off to Paris for the first time don't get all stressed out about the packing. Just remember simple colors and cuts, maybe one wow outfit. Accessories is the key and simple to pack.

More of my Paris trip details coming up!

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