Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Dream U2 Weekend In Chicago Part Two

So after the excitement of Thursday afternoon and the actual concert Thursday night I didn't think this weekend could get any better!

Friday I woke up later in the morning.  Friday was basically a free day although there was a fan meet up scheduled for that night that I planned on attending.  I ended up spending much of the day roaming around Chicago, stopping in some of my favorite stores, plus stopping at the nearest CVS and loading up on snacks and stuff for Megan and I.  Megan already had her day planned, meeting some friends and spending the afternoon with them. In the afternoon just after I had returned to the hotel tired from walking all over it started to rain.  This is how the rest of the day ended up. I went to the train station to meet Megan late in the afternoon.  She had been walking around and was a little wet.  I had my umbrella and we stopped and bought her a rain poncho. By the time we got back to the hotel, I had decided that I would skip the meet up at Pippins Friday night.  The rain put a damper on things and I was pretty tired from all the excitement of Thursday.  So Megan and I basically stayed put for the night.

Dreary Friday afternoon!!

Saturday was also a non concert day so Megan was off once again meeting friends at Millenium Park for Senior picture taking.  My main goal for the day was to try and score those coveted GA tickets for Sunday night in a ticket drop.  After spending over an hour in the morning refreshing the Ticketmaster App, I finally gave up and bought some inexpensive tickets on Stub Hub.  I ended up buying seats in the upper section but that was fine.  I decided that I wanted to view the concert from a different perspective.  In the end it proved to be a spot-on decision!  

 I ended up spending the afternoon with Shelly and Steve.  We made a trip past the Park Hyatt where the band usually stays when in town.  We ended up having a beer at Pippins and shared stories.  I was so happy that I met Shelly through Twitter a couple years before. Plus it was a bonus to be with her this weekend since my usual U2 bud, Carol, couldn't go since she had family in town. Finding another U2 fan that lives pretty close to me has really been a blessing!!  A lot of people don't get the whole U2 thing and when you meet someone that does and is an incredible person to boot, it's always a good thing!  



It was a nice day out.  By the time we got back to the hotel there was just enought time for a little rest and to get ready for the meet up at Hard Rock Cafe and a special treat, listening to UZoo, a cover band. We Uber'd it there.  Spent some time in the gift shop and took our place at one of the tables reserved for us. It ended up to be a fun time and I got to meet Shelly and Steve's friends Dolly and Jim.

 I think it was about 12:30 or so before we got back to the hotel.  I still was having trouble falling asleep.  Think it was 1:30 before I put my phone down.  This was the bad part cause there was so much going on with other U2 fans posting pictures and stuff, I could not stop looking at my phone!!! 

Sunday the plan was to get to the United Center early in the  morning so (hopefully) we could secure a great spot when the band came in for sound check.  I didn't care if I had to wait all day.  My number one goal was to either get a hug, selfie, or if I had the chance to have Bono sign my shoulder so I could have it tattooed when I got home!  These were all lofty goals, since I had never been that close to any of the band members before Thursday afternoon. 

The four of us stopped at McDonalds on the way for a quick breakfast.  I was armed with a bag of snacks, sunscreen, water, and other necessities. When we got to the UC the parking lot was not opened yet, so Shelly dropped Megan and I off at the corner.  When we got to the loading dock entry I spotted Dolly right away but she was standing outside of the grassy part where people were waiting for then to arrive.  There was only a handful of people inside.  Turned out security was not letting anymore people in until 1:00. That was fine by me cause a line was forming and we were 3rd and 4th in line!!! 

         Dolly just wanted a hug

                    Megan and I waiting in line

This was gonna be a good day! The only reason the people that were in there already was cause they were there before the security was out.  I was excited but we had a long wait ahead of us.  I was secretly very happy we did not have GA for that night!  I knew between Thursday, doing all the walking around to see the city, and this afternoon, I don't think I could of handled another GA night.

The best to come in part three.....

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