Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Dream U2 Weekend In Chicago Part One

Wow, wow, and just wow!!! Even though my weekend seeing U2 twice in Chicago is a weeks memory today, I am still living the high.
This much anticipated number 1 event of my summer could not have been more perfect if I could have scripted it myself. Yes, it was that good folks!

I have been a U2 fan for many years. Ever since the first time I saw them on their Zoo TV tour in Madison Wisconsin on September 13, 1992 I have been hooked!  I liked the music before that, but seeing them live with Bono, the charismatic lead singer, I was forever transformed. Many say attending a U2 concert is like a religious experience.

Anyway, this time around I had GA (general admission floor tickets) for the second of 5 shows they did in Chicago at the United Center.  My daughter was going to go with me for the second of her U2 concerts experiences, but the first doing GA. I had plans to stay till Monday and wanted to score 2 more tickets for us to the Sunday night show through a last minute ticket drop. I typically only go to one show on a tour when they are near, but this time with all the buzz I decided to make it a full weekend.  Also I was looking forward to experiencing it with my friend Shelly who is also a huge fan and lives not far from me, and her hubby Steve. There were fan meet ups planned too and I couldn't wait for the opportunity to meet other fans.

So, off we were Thursday morning for a long drive to Chicago.  The plan was to hopefully check into the hotel when we arrived about noon or so, drop our stuff off and get to the United Center to wait for the band to arrive usually around 3 or so in hopes to catch a glimped of them, maybe even shake a hand or get an autograph.  My dream was to have Bono sign my shoulder and get it tattooed!

We got to the hotel and our room wasn't ready but Shelly's was so we dropped our stuff off in their room, got ready and had something to eat. Checking into our room would have to wait till after the concert.  We took the bus to the United Center and there were probably about 50 people waiting already.  No chance of getting up close for a hug or anything. Just the chance to see any of them stop and get out and greet fans was ok by me. We had heard Bono didn't stop the day before, just Edge stopped and that Bono was not feeling well.

We waited quite awhile and I finally Edge came in but didn't stop.  Adam stopped and did a quick greet shaking hands with people. I was glad I could get some pictures.  Honestly I could not believe I was this close.  Larry also stopped and greeted fans.  Then Bono came in and got out.  Well, I think I totally blacked out cause I knocked my daughter glasses off trying to get up closer!! He just briefly greeted everyone and said he was still not feeling well. I was in shock and could not believe it!


After all that excitement it was time to go get our number for GA entry so we knew our place in line. We ended up being 253 and 254.  Considering the stage set up we were almost guaranteed a spot close to the stage at some point.  I wanted to be near the smaller "e" stage. I had heard that it may be impossible to see the main stage from some points at the smaller stage, but I just wanted to be up close. We just pretty much sat around till we started to line up in,order for a 6:00 entry.

Finally it was time to go in, we got a great spot and had 2 hours to wait.  Megan and I took turns getting out merchandise so we wouldn't loose our spot.  I could tell Megan was pretty excited about being this close and I knew she would love it as much as I. 

Finally it was time, Bono came up the stairs right in front of us and the night was about to begin! 

We had a great view from our spot but regrettably we could not see anything while they were on the main stage and it was hard to see everything on the gigantic screen, but Bono moved around quite a bit, so I was happy with where we were. Course I kept looking over at Megan and seen she was really liking it dancing around and signing and I could not have been more proud!

Soon though the night was over and chapter one in out U2 adventure weekend had to come to a close. By the time we got back to the hotel that first night, checked into our room, grabbed our luggage it was late and although tired, I was way too wired to sleep. Took me till about 1:30 before I finally could get to sleep. Little did I know that the big highlight of my weekend was yet to come!!

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