Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ode To My Favorite Fashion Accessory....The Scarf

Oh dear scarf, how I love you.
I can wear you countless ways
Around my neck, or on my bag handle
You sure do aim to please

 Okay I know I am not a poet, but my love of scarves is well known.  I have always loved what a good fashion accessory can do to liven up an outfit.  Really no matter what your clothing budget is, there is always room for a colorful scarf.  You can find them in all different price ranges.  Believe me, I do not own a Hermes (although I would LOVE to). I believe the most expensive one I own cost about $25.00.

I think my love affair with the scarf began many years ago in on my first visit to Chicago on a bus trip to see Donny Osmond in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Chicago Theater.  The theater as you may know is located right by the famous then Marshall Field department store on State Street.  Our bus arrived several minutes early before the show started and I could not pass by the fact that the FAMOUS Marshall Fields was right there.  So being the shopaholic that I am, I just had to go in that store.  Of course we didn't have much time so we could only scan the accessories floor off the street.  Looking for something to catch my eye, I came upon this silky leopard print rectangular scarf!  Well it was love at first sight complete with the beam of light from above and the sound of a chorus singing awwww! Well, you get the idea.  I found my token that would forever remind me of that day.

My very first scarf bought in Chicago

That started the beginning of a very good relationship.

Then came my Paris trip!  Well I was is scarf heaven!  Everyone wore one, even the men.  They were everywhere.  I knew in my research before my trip that all Parisians owned scarves and I knew I would fit right in.  I went and bought more before I even left just so I would not feel left out!
The very first day in Paris while everyone else was strolling through Notre Dame, I took off to the little shops right along there and bought my very first scarf in Paris!  I ended up buying three more for myself and some for gifts for friends when I returned home.

My Paris scarves

I wear scarves all the time especially in winter.  I just love how they can jazz up a white blouse or a plain sweater.  Sometimes I tie my smaller ones onto the handle of my handbag for a little French flavor.
They are fun to experiment with and if you are stumped as to how to tie one, just go to Pinterest, type scarf in the search box and I guantee you will find more ways to tie a scarf than you dreamed possible.  You can be creative and tie one in your hair as a headband too.
I probably own about 15 scarves in all.  Some heavy winter ones and some lightweight silky ones like my  Chicago leopard.

So don't be afraid of the very versatile scarf.  It can add a dash of color and texture to your outfit!  It's a great way to let your personality shine through!

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