Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Morning Weigh-In

This weeks Monday morning weigh-in is going to be short and sweet I'm afraid.  Two reasons for this, today was a very busy day so I am short on my writing time, and  probably the biggest factor is the fact that I did not lose this week.  Yes, that is right I gained 3 pounds!!  What happened you ask?  Well I blame it on a slip in my eating habits and the downturn in my exercise time.  I ate out more than usual this past week and instead of taking half my meal home, I made the mistake of cleaning my plate.  A big no-no for me.  Plus I didn't have the best choices on my plate.  A huge mushroom Swiss burger with fries Friday night was a caloric nightmare I can only guess!  Then there was the Mexican for lunch on Friday.  Saturday I made a huge pot of beef stew, but ate half a French baguette with it.  I did walk this week, but since the weather turned cooler, I didnt walk as much as I usually do.

On the upside, I had no sweets for the sixth week.  I am really doing okay with that.  That being said I shall focus on the positive.  I wasn't a bit surprised when I got on the scale this morning. I never expected this to be easy.  I know there are always bumps in the road

Now  I can move on with my week.  Tomorrow I am getting my health assessment done.  Hopefully that will show things are on an upswing.  I am going to lunch with friends again this Friday and what will I do?  Only eat half of what is on my plate.  Normally when I am out with friends this isn't much of a  problem since I am doing more talking than eating..

So maybe I was overly self confident after last weeks loss.  This week sure was a wake up call to keep focused and keep my eyes on my goal.

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