Sunday, February 21, 2016

Book Review-Meet Me In Paris by Juliette Sobanet

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Since I can never get enough of reading about my favorite city either in fiction or non-fiction form, I decided to dig into Juliette Sobanet's telling memoir Meet Me In Paris.  I have read a few of her books before-including Sleeping With Paris, Honeymoon In Paris, and Kissed In Paris and loved all of them.  Juliette typically writes romance novels most set in the city of light which is why I have picked them up.  You can just tell from reading them she loves that city like I do.  It certainly shows in her writing which is rich in details. So much so that you feel like you are strolling the streets of Paris alongside her characters.

Meet Me In Paris is a beautifully written memoir, peppered with poems, about the authors decision to take a chance and live her French dream.  Through a painful process of divorcing her husband and having a lengthy affair with a married man she finds what truly makes her happy. In the end she lets go of the things that are holding her back and decides to take a leap of faith.  Along the way she has an incredible community of friends that are supportive and willing to offer advice (as well as incredible places to stay when she is in France).

From the first page I could not put it down! I too felt that I was French and lived in Paris in another life. I may have only been there once  (my second trip there is coming in September), but the first time I set foot in Paris I felt at home. It was heartbreaking to read about the pain Juliette was in all through her decision to divorce her husband and her self destructive affair, but in the end she overcame all the pain to come to the decision to make the big move to France.  I am so happy for her (and truthfully a tiny bit jealous!).

Fans of Juliette's books will love this look into the authors journey and others will love how revealing she is about her relationships.  I'm sure it was not an easy thing to put her life in words for all to see.  I sure am happy she did and I think it will bring inspiration to women who want to find their own happiness.

If you read this book and like the authors poems, you will love her new book of poems I Loved You In Paris

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