Sunday, January 17, 2016

5 Things To Do When It's Too Darn Cold Outside

Winter.....I could definitely live without it.  I don't mind a little snow to keep the winter enthusiasts happy, but this -25 degree wind chill stuff is for the birds.  In fact I'm pretty sure that the birds don't like it either.  OK so maybe I should't say that since I'm not a bird.

Anyway, as I'm sitting in my nice cozy house writing this post I thought about my favorite non- device things I do when I'm stuck in the house on such a cold day like today.  There's probably 100 things I could be doing like maybe cleaning the basement, but those are just not fun and require WAY too much ambition.  No, a day like today should require as little ambition as possible.

Here's my list in random order

1) Bake some cookies-  I know what your thinking, you thought I said little ambition here,  I'm not talking about made from scratch flour and the messy kitchen type of cookies.  I'm talking about the frozen ready to bake kind that you bought in fall from the kid down the street who was raising money for new shoulder pads for the school football team.  Or maybe you have about 10 containers in your freezer from your own child cause your child didn't want to go door to door and you had to sell 15 containers. Bonus-your house smells fabulous!!

2) Get out your new adult coloring books and color-I love this adult version activity.  If you have kids this is a great thing to do together.  It helps me to stay out of the kitchen and not eat  those cookies I just spent all that time baking.  Plus it is really meditative to zone out and focus on staying in those intricate lines on the page.  I have four books that I rotate depending on whatever mood I'm in.  Some are not so easy and very detailed and some  are easy to create a masterpiece in a half hour.  Bonus-some books come with the pages perforated so you can frame and display your works of art all over the house!! Perfect for no talent artists like me.

3) Pick up an actual book and read-This is kinda a no-brainer in our house.  I LOVE to read and so does my daughter so I usually have at least one book from either the library, second hand store, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon within reach.  If I run out of books I can always raid my daughter's collection.   Bonus-even though you don't want to go outside, reading a book can take you anywhere you want to go.

4) Start or write in your journal-If you journal already this is just a friendly reminder to write a post today.  If you don't, start.  It doesn't have to be five pages long.  Even if you write one sentence to describe your day or one thing you are grateful for that's all you need.  Along the lines of this you could try a vision board or work on those Soul Collage cards.  If you've never heard of these, just do a google or Pinterest search for more info.  Bonus-you may learn something about yourself.

5) Take a nap-By now if you did all the things mentioned above you will need one.  If not take one anyway.  A short nap is a perfect thing to do on a cold day.  It feels good to crawl under the covers in the middle of the day.  This can be combined with number 3.  If number 3 makes you sleepy then don't feel guilty about putting that book down and catching some zzzz's.  Bonus-a little recharging never hurt anyone.

I know it's not easy to carve some time for yourself, especially if you have kids, but sometimes it's okay to have days like today.  So maybe I've changed my mind about cold frigid days like today...Ah maybe not.  I think I would rather be lounging outside my tiki hut in Bora Bora.  Heck, I can always bring along my coloring books and pencils, journal, and a book or two.  As far as the cookies go, well who the heck needs cookies when you're in Bora Bora!!

What do you like to do on those cold winter days?  If you live in Florida and have no idea what I'm talking about, this post is not for you!  Just kidding!!

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