Monday, August 6, 2012

Back On My Weight Loss Journey

Summer is almost over, vacations are done, only 4 more weeks till Megan starts her first year of high school.  It is about time I stop making excuses and get back to taking care of this extra 20 pounds I'm carrying around. 

Excuses, I have a long list

Too hot
Too tired
I have to spend quality time on Pinterest
I have to cook/clean/wash/clean out the cat box
I dont wanna exersise by myself
My feet/back/legs/pinky finger hurts
I'm on vacation
I love ice cream
My summer clothes wont fit if I lose weight
Ect, ect, ect...

Enough already!!

Its time to get back on the saddle again.  Not only that, but I watched the 60 Minutes piece on sugar being toxic last night.  I LOVE sugar.  I am a firm believer that sugar is addictive.  One cookie is never enough for me. That is some scary stuff.  Sugar leading to all kinds of bad things.  I can believe it.  I just found out I have borderline high cholesterol.  I am convinced sugar is to blame.  Well, I am the one who eats the stuff so technically I am to blame. You know what I mean.

I have been having great success with the Dukan Diet.  It is not easy to do.  I think for  now I will just go the old fashion way.  Cutting calories and exercise!  I have to focus on portion control and NO sugar, no white flour.  More fruits (yuk, I am not a fruit eater!  crazy I know) and veggies.

Getting fit and healthy is one journey that never ends and for this girl who loves travel and adventure , it is my biggest challenge yet.

If you are driving through my town and see someone parked in front of the  Dairy Queen looking longingly at customers walking away from the window with giant size blizzards and a pool of drool under her car, that would be me.

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