Sunday, June 12, 2011

Life After Paris Returns To Normal.... Or Does It?

It has been 2 months now since my trip to the city of light. I honestly don't think an hour goes by that I do not miss it. Ah yes but life does go on! Summer is upon our small town which is about as far away from Paris that you can imagine. School is out which means life is a little less stressful for me. No strict schedules, no homework that I try to help my 13 year old daughter with(math and science forget about)!

I have spent much time reflecting on my trip and have thought about what I brought home from Paris other than the obvious souvenirs. I brought home a love of fresh food, pastries, breads, and wine. My goal is to make a perfect French macaron!

I must say even though I have not been all over the world, if you go to France and do not enjoy the food, there is something wrong.

I consider myself forever changed. Every time I leave the house I really think about how I look and what I am wearing. I loved how I never saw any French women walking the streets of Paris in pajama pants or sweatpants. They truly care about their appearance and the image they project. Same with the men. I wouldn't say everyone dressed up, just look polished and put together.

I have tried to take the time to really enjoy life now. Not worry so much about how clean the house is and being so obsessive about when the wash is going to get done. It all gets done and who really cares if you cant eat off my floors anymore. I have more time to do what I really enjoy, spending time with old and new friends, being with my husband and our daughter, and laughing more generally not taking life so serious.

I love what going to Paris did for me. It is the gift I've given myself that keeps giving over and over again. Last Friday I took my daughter with me to Milwaukee to see Woody Allen's "Midnight In Paris". I was transported back to that beautiful city all over again. I loved every minute of that movie and recommend it for anyone who has been to Paris or any francopile who dreams of going. The bonus was that my daughter also loved the movie.

Truly my life will never really be the same as it was before Paris. It will be much fuller! Everyday I will dream of the day I can return!

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